Ed Epstein Fine Art


I’ve been doing portraits as long as I can remember. Perhaps the most difficult of subjects, its the most interesting for me. Nothing more challenging or intriguing than trying to capture a real person’s character on canvas.

When I started painting again in April 2010 I went right to doing portraits of friends, fellow Vermonters I wanted to record at that moment in their lives and mine, my own “rogues gallery” of preserved souls. All were done for my own purposes, with no wish to sell them.

Occasionally a commission came my way and I’d have to point out that my portrait work was strictly character study, not the institutional, suit and tie formally posed type seen on the walls of university offices.

The portraits are up close and personal, as seen through my eyes. I don’t glamorize, glorify, or flatter. If they’re alright with that, good, and if not, there are other artists who can fill the bill.

Portrait of Alan LePage by Ed Epstein