Ed Epstein Fine Art

Ed Epstein Self Portrait with car and banjo

An artist since earliest memories, I have had many distractions along the way, taking me in different directions. Each has captured my entire attention for periods of years ‘til the next thing entered my life and took over for the next while.

Music: as a young pre-teen from very young days: country, then folk, then classical, eventually later in life Calypso steel band.

Designing and building houses after moving to Vermont, 10 years building “Dynamite” wood-burning stoves and furnaces of my own design, 735 units built from 1973-83; a 10 year detour during which I was captivated by the peculiar poetry of astrology before I was able to tear myself away.

I started building boats in 1985, learned to sail, and in 1998 launched a 36′ schooner I’d spent 5 years a-building under my living room floor. I cruised her single-handed in the Caribbean til she was lost in a collision with a submerged container off the coast of Grenada in 2006.

The only positive effect of that is that I found my way back to painting again.